A Step Towards Less Waste: Catalog Choice

Originally Posted at "Bayside and Beyond"on November 19, 2007

People move. Their interests change. Or they'd prefer to shop and browse on-line rather than receive a catalog in the mail.

But the catalogs keep on coming, now, near the holidays, more so. They don't have to pile up.

The trees and energy used in making and delivering them can be reduced. And on an individual level one might even lower their daily trash creation numbers. Even if the publication is recycled, what do you do with the plastic wrapper? How much fuel was used to get the catalog to you and take it away?

There's a tool I read about a few weeks back and have tried. It is on-line at www.catalogchoice.org (I have put in a link to it below). It is free and is easy to use.

It looks to be a win-win effort. Consumers not wishing to receive catalogs they toss out can opt out. Retailers don't want to send catalogs out that go unlooked at and straight into the trash can (or recycling bin).



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