WorldCat, a top notch research tool

Its roots are in a set of tools that have been used by libraries around the world for many years.  OCLC, currently the Online Computer Library Center, formerly called the Ohio College Library Center, runs the WorldCat site. OCLC is a non-profit headquartered in Dublin, Ohio and has been a kind of Grand Central Station for libraries' card catalogs --- which of course used to be on paper and could take up many drawers.  Card catalogs have gone the way of eight track tapes, cassette tapes, LP albums, beta and VHS videos, and so on.

WorldCat is a public access point - through the web - to the Center's 95 million records representing 1 billion library holdings. Type a title, subject or person in the search box to find books, music, videos, articles, etc. You will be presented with a list of hits.  Select an item to get details.  Tell WorldCat your zip code and it will display where that item is starting with the closest library and the distance!

If you are an author (or know one) or have written a thesis or dissertation, type in your own (or their) name.

WorldCat is a quick way to find out not only what is available, but where it can be found, how many editions there are, and if the item is available online. It can really cut down on the time spent in search of information.

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