Published Work and Presentations by Gary Shea

"A Current Setting", unpublished piece, July 2009

"What you can learn from 5 great articles", The Writer, Jan. 2009 cover story

"Beta Programs and the Project Manager," Project Management Institute, Quad Cities, Madison and Milwaukee Chapters.

"Five Steps to More Critical Thinking," Computerworld.

"Better Beta: the more you know about beta testing, the more your company will gain from the experience," Computerworld.

"Genline: test drive of a new tool for those with Swedish roots", Family Chronicle.

"Going, Going, Gone! Ten steps to successfully selling ham gear in an on-line auction", CQ Amateur Radio.

“Griffith’s Valuation On-line”, Irish Genealogical Quarterly

Method and Apparatus for Detecting and Investigating Fraudulent Transactions in Debit and Charge Card Activations, U.S. Patent 6,488,206. 

“An NCR SNA Migration Success Story: LUA Mapper Testing in Japan,” NCR Corporation Whitepaper.

“HP’s SNA versus NCR’s: A Response to the Hewlett Packard Press Release,” NCR Corporation Whitepaper.

“Concurrent Operation of NCR SNA 2.x Services and NCR SNA for MP-RAS R3.x,” NCR Corporation Whitepaper, editor.

“Tutorial on The Knowledge Center,” one hour presentation delivered to eighty interested associates on the NCR Columbia engineering campus.

"AT&T Global Information Solutions and APPN," co-author, Interop Conference.

"The Corporate Network in Transition," co-author, IBM European Networking Symposium, Paris and Lyon, France.

"LAN to Mainframe Connectivity Options: The 3172 and Other Gateways," Proceedings of Enterprise  Expo, Orlando, Proceedings of SHARE, Anaheim California.

"TCP/IP Workshop," Fast Start Program for Networking Specialists, WAN Track, Mexico City.

"TCP/IP Mainframe Connectivity," Advanced Networking College, La Gaude, France.

Book review of SAA/LU 6.2 Distributed Networks and Applications, IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology

Media review of video Fiber Optics Technology and Applications ‑ Data Links, LANs and MANs, Computer.

"3172 Production Use Tutorial," Proceedings of GUIDE, Anaheim,, Proceedings of SHARE, San Francisco, California.

"LAN Hardware Technologies," Proceedings of the IBM Large and Storage Update.

Using the 3172 for LAN‑to‑Host Connectivity, Proceedings of SHARE, Atlanta, IBM Technical Bulletin, publication number SG22‑1053, Proceedings of GUIDE Los Angeles, California.

Book review of APPC: Introduction to LU 6.2, Computer, an IEEE magazine.

Connecting APPC/PC and CICS/VS with the 3174 Establishment Controller: APPN and LAN‑Over‑Coax Features, coauthor, IBM Technical Bulletin, publication number GG66‑3216.
"APPC Host Options," Proceedings of SHARE, Proceedings of GUIDE, Proceedings of the IBM Telecommunications Specialists' Update..

"Method of Slot Reuse in a Growing Array of Instance Resource Pointers," IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin.

Book review of Inventing American Broadcasting, IEEE Spectrum.

"Use of the HONE Marketing Support System by a Product Development Group," Proceedings of the Information Resource Management ITL, San Jose, California.

Experiences of Connecting APPC/PC and CICS/VS with the 3174 Token Ring Gateway Feature, IBM Technical Bulletin, publication number GG66‑0287.


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