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IBM-orabilia (IBM Memorabilia):

  1. The Reference Card
    • The number of products made by IBM was astounding. It seemed that for each one there was a Reference Card. On it was distilled the most pertinent product information. In lieu of hunting through mountains of mammoth manuals the reference card gives the immediate answer. The idea was sound. What started out as a cheat sheet in a product developer's or a Field Engineer's back pocket became, voila, with some polishing and formatting, a Reference Card. Like all good ideas it percolated through the company. I'm betting that many an IBMer received some sort of remuneration for proposing a card for their product or process through the famous IBM Suggestion Plan. Here's the proof that a solution can sometimes be created where there was no problem. Zoom in for the details.

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  2. The Internal Use Only Parking Ticket

    Travel seems to come with an IBM job and I'm sure every IBMer has a few good stories. A symptom of one too many trips for me to Austin was this ticket.



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