Closed Loop Corrective Action

The Closed Loop Corrective Action (CLCA) process sees wide use in the operations and quality areas.  The CLCA process entails focused analysis and documenting.   The goals are to determine the cause of a problem or failure and propose solutions.

CLCA can easily have a place in project management.  A practical use is during a regularly scheduled project meeting –

Make an agenda item of a CLCA activity on a pressing issue.   Allow a given period for the activity.  So pick an issue that can be reasonably dealt with. 

  • Appoint someone other than the project manager to be the scribe.
  • Identify the cause or causes.
  • Discuss possible solutions.
  • This is an opportunity to get everyone on the same page.
  • If there’s time and it is possible, gain consensus on a plan.
  • Incorporate these tasks into the project.  Take corrective actions.
  • Record as well for the “lessons learned” closure phase activity.

Parting advice to project managers: Use the CLCA process as one tool of many, as needed, without attributing blame or garnering excess visibility.