My Tree


I am always learning. Early on I submitted my tree over the Internet (or possibly even by a diskette) to Brøderbund, then the creators of Family Tree Maker. The tree appears in several versions on their World Family Tree™ CDs. Next (in 1997) I used a wonderful shareware tool called GED2WWW. With it I created my own family tree web pages. The tool worked fine but it was fairly labor intensive and its features began to seem limited in light of capabilties provided by the next release of Family Tree Maker. So I uploaded my tree at This too seemed passé when I came across Rootsweb. You can check out how both older methods worked by clicking on the Archives link at the bottom of the page. It’s amazing how fast things can change on the web.

A Plug for Rootsweb

Technically the place where I try to regularly update my tree is WorldConnect at There the tree is a database and it has the name, “garytshea.” Anyone can put their tree up on WorldConnect at no charge. Save your tree as a file in GEDCOM format, then go to the World Connect Project and click on Start Here. Of the many benefits, my favorites are:

  • The e-mail id shown for viewers to contact is presented in a form that spammers can’t use.
  • Viewers can download parts of the tree in GEDCOM format
  • The Rootsweb site serves as a backup location which one can recover or restore from
  • The names of living persons are not displayed.
  • Viewers can see the tree in a number of formats, including: as an index of surnames, by individual’s pedigree charts, and by individual’s Ahnentafel report.

My Tree

Here is a set of links to various starting places in my tree at Rootsweb.